Physoc Outreach

Near the top of the flight, with the blackness of space apparent and, to a degree, the curvature of the earth.

The University of Southampton Physics Society Outreach Project:

Just about to let go of it!

On the way up, between the two cloud layers. Likely Stratocumulus below and Cirrus above (email me if I’m wrong!)

This year, Southampton University PhySoc decided to engage schools with a science experiment to see their experiments launched into “space”. We launched, with the aid of Cambridge University Spaceflight Society (CUSF) from Churchill college and tracked the balloon throughout the duration of it’s flight.

This project hopes to get students excited about practical science and inspire them to
study Physics at the University of Southampton. The Physoc Outreach team is run by
dedicated Physics undergraduates who are passionate about passing on their
enthusiasm for science.

School children put their experiments into table-tennis balls which were then launched on a balloon with a tracker designed by Matthew Brejza, a member of the Southampton University ASTRA Initiative.

Table-tennis balls provided by school children, with a few of our own experiments too!

The payload also included cameras loaded with CHDK software to take pictures on the way up. As a group, we saw this as a brilliant time to also launch some of our own personal hobbies up and so a Minecraft “Creeper” and chest were launched.

Got to see it all.

Really get a feeling of being near space up here

Just after launch from Cambridge

The balloon burst early due to a bad balloon and reached a maximum altitude of 23km! It then descended and landed in a field where after, quite a lot of searching, we found everything still intact and still taking photos!

The payload as we found it in the field, in a wheat “crater”

Team photo after we found it lying in the field. All the cameras and payload electronics were still running.

Chris Frohmaier, Committee Chairman –
Ben Oxley, Lead Engineer
Matthew Brejza, Electronics Engineer
Twitter- @PhysocOutreach

63 thoughts on “Physoc Outreach”

  1. This is how we get rid pf creepers.

    Hope they don’t blow up the moon……they already made a buch of craters.

  2. That’sssss a very nicccce balloon you have there, mind if i use it to fly to my friend ssssssteve? He thinksssss he can’t be reached in ssssspace.

  3. {Creeper going past the sky limit…}
    Creeper: hello? Anyone?
    (In space)
    Creeper: wha… what’s that? It’s large and round and gray… I know I’ll call it a “moon”, I need to spiffy it up…
    (Calls friends and they go to outer space and go to the moon)
    Creeper: on the count of…
    Other creeper: 3!!!!
    And that is how the moon got craters….. ;)

  4. Thatsssss a niccce balloon you have thereā€¦. it would be a ssssshame if anything were to happen to it….BOOM

  5. Hello ssssssSSSSsssssteve! I can sssssssee your nice cassssssssstle you’ve built there, it would be a shame if ssssssssomething happened to it, like a ssssssssspaccccccce creeper going ssssssSSSSSSssssss…BOOOM!

  6. I wonder if we can send ALL the creepers into space and never let them come back down… that would keep them away from my house. :)

  7. A look inside a Creeper’s mind:

    Oooh! A chesssssst! Wait . . . why am I flying? Oh, hey! It’ssssss earth! Ohno ohno ohno falling falling faaaaaaaaaaalllllliiiiinnnnggggg . . . .

  8. Awww . . . it took me like 20 minutes to plant all that wheat! When I get my extremely pixelated hands on–”TSSSssssssssSSsssssssssssSs . . . “–Oh no.

    Minecraft n00b was killed by Creeper
    Minecraft n00b left the game

  9. I love reading the minecraft wiki. It can have link to some pretty awsome stuff. ;D

    Anyone agree?

    Btw, I’m looking for a good minecraft server. Anyone have one?

    1., that’s the ip and site, go on to their irc and talk with them before you go trying to play

    2. Go to It’s really fun. By the way… Creeper approves of space exploration. I guess that’s the reason why creepers don’t invade our world, then. XD

  10. That’sssssssssssssssssssssss a nice Creeper you have there. It’d be a… oh wait, ssssssssomething did happen to it.

  11. Finally it has its moment in the sun (or maybe the emptiness of space… O.o) after blowing up my house TWICE!!!

    1. OH you think that’s bad! I had FINALLY built a castle out of sand (Get it? Sand castle) in survival and I went in and there was a creeper in the room with the central torch (it holds up the other torches and sand) I had toomanyitems mod so I got a diamond sword and charged in but it explode so the whole thing collapsed with me in it!

  12. *Added new Portal: allows you to go to Earth
    *Added the ability for mobs to use portals
    ^ Please be careful with this, we don’t want any Ghast…

  13. Really hate to be that guy, but….Thatsssss a niccce earth you have there…. it would be a ssssshame if anything were to happen to it :D

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